Mechanical Engineering Services

H2L’s mechanical engineers have practiced in the fields of textiles, electronics, foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, light & heavy manufacturing, research & development laboratories, healthcare, institutional and public buildings, plus specialty process designs. Our experience in Claims Management and Forensic Engineering provides a unique level of problem solving and analysis that carries over into the design of new systems.  We have experience in the following areas of mechanical design:

  • air conditioning systems for multi-family, institutional, commercial, and industrial clients incorporating direct expansion and chilled water cooling mediums
  • clean rooms for both electronic and bio-pharm industries
  • dehumidification systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial clients
  • dedicated outside air systems
  • laboratory exhaust hoods with make up air tracking
  • air washers for the textile industry
  • building automation systems
  • commercial and institutional kitchens
  • energy recovery systems
  • indoor pools for institutional clients
  • chemical desiccant spray air conditioning systems for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications
  • industrial capture and exhaust systems, including VOC capture and recovery
Piping and Plumbing
  • clean in place process piping
  • double containment for hazardous materials
  • fuel oil, grease, and fire run off capture and containment
  • plumbing systems for multi-family, institutional, and industrial clients
  • roof drains
  • compressed air
  • natural gas
  • tempered water systems for safety showers
Fire Protection
  • wet and / or dry pipe sprinkler systems for various hazards
  • storage tanks and fire pumps
  • AFFF foam systems
  • clean agent systems for the electronics industry